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When it comes to choosing the best airline in Australia, it all depends on your travel budget.

There is an interesting study regarding people’s behavior in choosing airlines. The study found that over 55% of travelers will book their flights with a similar carrier each time.

Within these travelers, 37% responded that their ordinary aircraft is just the best to travel with, while 28% revealed that because it is usually the least expensive choice. And a further 19% expressed this is because they need to collect their flight points.

5 Best Airlines in Australia

For Aussies, choosing carriers can depend on a wide range of reasons. It’s better to investigate what each airline can offer whenever you need to travel. A good point to begin is our consumer loyalty evaluations.

Nearly 1,500 travelers participated in our survey, detailing their experience with Australia’s local airlines:

  • Qantas was evaluated most noteworthy, accomplishing five stars in terms of accessibility, flight reliability, in-flight contributions, administration, and consumer loyalty. It was appraised four stars on the cash incentive.
  • Virgin Australia additionally recorded five stars for flight plan and accessibility, flight timeliness, and administration, with four stars for in-flight contributions, and consumer loyalty.
  • Tigerair was the leading airline to accomplish five stars on cash incentive, yet recorded a diverse assortment of results, including three stars for flight timeliness and administration, with four stars in general.
  • Jetstar scored four stars over most research classifications, including an incentive for cash, administration. Like Tigerair, it got only two stars for in-flight contributions.
  • Regional Express scored four stars for administration and flight timeliness and scored three stars on an incentive for cash and in general fulfillment.

The two ‘premium’ carriers positively accomplished better results in many criteria, proposing that paying somewhat extra might be justified. But everything relies upon what you need for your travel experience.


qantas airline australia

Perceived all around, the Flying Kangaroo is approaching its 100th year of flying and is one of Australia’s most well-known brands. Locally, Qantas offers flights across all states of Australia.

Meals are offered for every single flight when you travel for a distance. Qantas planes are likewise fitted with PC power and USB ports so you can charge your gadgets.

For the individuals who consistently pack more than one luggage, Qantas offers a baggage limit of 23kg per piece for economy class voyagers, with additional baggage allowance pre-purchase options. For those flying in Business and First, individuals can have one piece of baggage up to 32kg. All carry-on bag is constrained to 7kg.

While Qantas may not generally be the least expensive choice, it is one of the most reputable airlines in Australia. With the rewards of amusement and nourishment on each flight, Qantas makes flying a lot simpler. The Qantas Parlor is also outstanding, permitting fatigued flyers a quick rest.

Virgin Australia 

Offering a broad scope of destinations, including Alice Springs, local Queensland, and Western Australia, Virgin Australia has built up itself as one of the leading airlines in the nation.

For local flights, there are various alternatives for both economy and business class passengers to select the best seats.

Baggage is limited to 23kg for all economy flyers, with the standard 7kg carry-on limit.

Meals are also provided on every domestic flight, ideal for those flying during night time. Tea, espresso, wine, and soda pop served between 5-7 pm Monday to Friday, help you feel relaxed during your journey.

Compared with Qantas, Virgin is usually more costly as it offers a range of additional services that will make your journey unforgettable.


As one of the most low-cost carriers, Tigerair might not have a different range of aircraft, yet at the same time has a lot of towns and urban communities on its radar for travelers with a tight budget. Flights are accessible to all major cities across Australia, including Coffs Harbor, Gold Coast, and Whitsundays.

Meals can be purchased when you book your flight online, with a range of choices including butter chicken, cheese bake, posh ham and sausage roll, etc. And in-flight entertainment, like card games, movies, and books, can help keep you cheerful during the flight.

For baggage, Tiger allows each passager to carry 7kg of cabin baggage on board. Any additional baggage exceeds the weight limit should be checked in, with longer flights causing a higher baggage charge. For the individuals arrive terminal ahead of time, Tiger additionally offers the MoveMe choice, enabling travelers to switch to an earlier flight.


Built-up in 2003, Jetstar has set up its fame for being a budget alternative for both global and domestic flights. Flying into various urban areas and towns in each Australian state and region, Jetstar offers significantly more flights than others.

With extra care, Jetstar hopes to give travelers the new vacation experience, instead of the conventional approach to travel. The airline offers Club Jetstar, which will provide clients early access to exclusive deals and seat selection. With an ongoing annual membership fee of AUD $55, Club Jetstar might be a good option for the individuals who travel frequently. Furthermore, Jetstar additionally offers BusinessHub for the individuals who fly in business class, providing clients more flexibility in changing travel schedules.

However, Jetstar may cost you more in some other items, with both in-flight recreation and meals costing you extra. Meals can either be obtained on pre-bought while booking your flights and will commonly cost you around $10 to $15, depending on which trip you’re on. For those in business class, in-flight meals are free.

For those hoping to carry heavy luggage for their vacation, Jetstar offers prepaid baggage allowance ranging from 15kg to 40kg for the Starter group, with 7kg carry-on baggage allowance included in every ticket. Business-class travelers can take up to 14kg carry-on bag before extra charges apply.

Rex (Regional Express)

Established in 2002, the Regional Express, or Rex for short, offers regional services across Australia. With its small size aircraft fitting for around 30 travelers, Rex offers a possibility for those hoping to travel local areas to discover wild Australia.

The baggage limit for Regional Express is 23kg for Rex Flex, 23kg for international connecting passengers, 10kg for infants, and 15kg for other classes.

Rex offers many services, including Rex Lounge, Rextra Legroom, and rewards, which means you’ll get serious deals from this little carrier.